One of the best aspects of traveling is stepping out of your comfort zone, seeing and experiencing new things, and venturing outside your day-to-day life. That means something different for everyone, whether you want to visit all the museums in a city or try parasailing. Sometimes, however, travel isn’t the instagrammable week in paradise you […]

Travel Tips

October 24, 2020

Avoid These 9 Common Travel Mistakes By Working With An Agent

As state lockdowns are lifted and stay-at-home orders inevitably ease, Americans are becoming increasingly curious about when and where they can travel. Search terms such as “travel during covid 19,” “where to travel during covid,” and “can you travel during covid 19” have all risen sharply in popularity in the months since the pandemic began. If […]

Travel Tips

August 30, 2020

How Airlines, Hotels & Cruise Lines Are Making Travel Safer During COVID-19

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